BEST bar in pefkos great friendly owners this was our fourth year in pefkos with many more to come THANK YOU yannis and his great staff love you all from steve and donna (dawn) see you next june 2011 can also customize your sidebar by dragging in elements from the top bar.
kenny n julie
19/9/2011 07:33:42 pm

Wonderful bar run by two lovely friendly folk(oh and not forgetting the very pretty young lady taking drinks orders),had a great time this year Sep 2011,looking forward to seeing you all next June,thanks Yiannis n yiota. stay happy n healthy Kenny

12/3/2012 09:07:57 pm

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24/4/2012 08:43:36 pm

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9/5/2012 11:48:49 pm

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The Ashley's
3/9/2013 06:26:26 am

Best bar in Pefkos. Having said that we only tried one other (it was rubbish in comparison) but couldn't imagine that anywhere could beat this place. Wonderful atmosphere, attentive staff - thank you Faye for all your chats and warm welcomes throughout the week and for the "BYE BYES" as we left. Showed that our custom wa appreciated! Also got presents on our last night / rock garden coasters! Will definitely return every night again if we decide to re-visit Pefkos in the future.

23/7/2017 09:20:59 am

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